One on One Personal Training

This is the Ultimate level of Personal Training.

Advantages of One on One:

● Maximise results faster with every session
● Establish a consistent training pattern that is essential to success.
● Decreased body fat through well structured programs that increase muscle and burn unwanted calories that have lasting results.
● Increased muscle tone and definition through specialised resistance programs
● Increased energy and stamina by decreasing body fat percentage and increasing fitness level
● Nutritional advice leading to more balanced food choices and better eating habits
● Increased flexibility leading to better posture, increased mobility and injury prevention
● Elevated mood that increases positive outlook leading to overall sense of well being and developing confidence in all areas of life
● Overall health improvement that strengthens the immune system leading to better resistant to illness



All program packages include:

● Dietary analysis
● Nutrition tracking
● Tailored Programming
● Additional workout program
● Mobility & Stretching program.
● Unlimited texts, email support (between 7am & 7pm weekdays).
● Constant support when and where ever you need it.

Small Private Groups

If you are looking to share the experience of the 1-on-1 atmosphere with the attention to detail or maybe you enjoy the competition of training with a partner?

If so Small Group Training sessions are a fun and cost effective way to share the experience with a mate, family member, colleague or partner. Training with a partner can be very motivating with extra accountability which will add to your results over the course of your fitness endeavours.

Healthy Cookery Coaching

As part of your health and fitness journey, add Healthy Cookery Coaching to the tools of your success. As you set out on the journey of a lifetime, learn how mastering the basics of cookery, discovering quick and easy methods in a busy life, meal prepping, how to balance a meal and eat for health AND flavour, even on a budget!

Tailored to you, these one-on-one hands on cooking sessions are conducted in your kitchen or mine!

Set to three or four hours depending on your individual specifications i’ll talk and walk you through any dish, soup, roast, stir fry, slow cook, salad, meal-prep-session your heart desires.

Whether you’re a busy single professional, just looking for new ideas, or a professional athlete looking to get ‘on point’ with your nutritional needs I’ve got you covered. Get your macros, micros, taste and texture all in one!
Headover to ProNutriChef for a little bit of a different view of what I like to cook and how I like to shop and maybe a few surprises.

Everyone can cook. Everyone has what it takes to eat healthy.

“Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food”