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How to Lose Fat And Think About Hunger

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I don’t talk about this without having utilised the following principle occasionally myself, and hearing clients talk about their hurdles when it comes to weight loss. 

I have experience in reducing my own body fat and I know being hungry is a challenge to say the least. Mars used the whole experience of hunger to make their Snickers nutty bar go global. Conversely I am able to increase my food to encourage a little muscle growth (and body fat). Fortunately for me I don’t have excessive body fat but if I wasn’t conscious I could easily become much bigger as I love food. 

This does not mean I am more healthy than someone who happens to have a higher body fat percentage than myself. The fact is we could both have equally good blood tests or equally high disease markers. 

Having extra body fat doesn’t automatically mean you are unhealthy or unfit. Many people can be lean, enviously ‘shredded’ lean and not be healthy. 

This year I did an assignment on body type stereotyping that I’ll share on my blog soon. Keep an eye out for it. It was a seriously eye opening read into industry wide mass medias influence and a historical view of body fat. 

What Is This Post About Then?

This post is for people who are trying to get rid of body fat they don’t want who may need to consider hunger as a positive mechanism rather than a sensation triggering you to quit or binge. Maybe you’ve been trying for ages or just thinking about it. It certainly isn’t for me to preach what anyone should do but simply help people understand some pitfalls if that’s what you are looking for. 

I really need to emphasise, it’s none of my business and no-one else’s. Much like if some one wants to have a beer or two after work every night, have some weed in the evenings, or maybe completely omit whole food groups from their diet. It’s none of my business and I believe that’s our prerogative in life. I don’t judge body weight and believe everyone would be happier if no one did either. Just to clarify I don’t do any of the above.

Understanding yourself, your physiology and the environment you are in will help.  There are many things to consider  when embarking on a goal like this. The following is only one thing to consider. 

Sensation Of Hunger And Emotions

One thing that I notice people (and myself) struggle with most is feeling hungry while trying to lose weight. It’s not that people do not know what to do, it’s dealing with what comes up.

Understand that all the times, months, years, a lifetime of having an abundance of food, feeling full, happy and satiated, possibly bliss after so many amazing and delicious meals we simply can’t always feel this way if we are trying to lose weight.

If you’ve been in excess, bliss, joy, food comas, or carte blanche when it comes to food it may take a different type of thinking and a bunch of feelings you’re not quite used to nor want to even deal with.

Layne Norton often describes it like a budget. Your food budget is much like a financial budget you might use to save for a holiday, new car, new home, or paying down a debt. Usually a budget means restricting in some areas and diverting those funds to other more desired outcomes, or necessities. It’s usually necessary paying down a debt, paying off a car loan. Even holidays are necessary. So you might feel like you’re missing out some of the time. 

It’s not effective to constantly think you’re missing out though, deprived of a good time. What’s the point? What is your why? Be happy you’re on your path and your goal. You should also find once you lose some weight you hunger may go down but it also may not. You’re going to have to deal with hunger in ways you never have before. Get on track and get used to and embrace the pain. Be like Buddha. Life is equally pain and equally pleasure or nothing, just life. It is ours for the giving and taking. 

Our Emotions And Sensations Are Directly Linked To Outcomes And Goals. 

The question is are you able to push aside some of the joy, while still acknowledging those emotions and deal with the mini sacrifices, restrictions, and feelings of hunger, maybe even headaches, disappointment, and not getting what you want all the time? Read this paragraph again and ask your self honestly. 

Consider emotional eating or simply why am I eating? Just remember you will get hungry while getting irritable, angry and giving up is a choice. Maybe easier said than done, but expect it and go through it. Low blood sugar can cause irritability but stay on your path. A baby cries when it’s hungry. We don’t have to. We can make good choices which are in line with our goals. I know you can too.

It’s ok to still be looking and gathering information before you are ready to give it a go. It’s not procrastination, it is planning and preparation.

If you’re still not sure where you are in the whole decision, goal setting sphere check my blog on goal setting here.

If you want some coaching about all things related to eating a healthy diet, trimming down one-on-one coaching is by far the best personalised method. Every individual has a different story. You are unique and will need unique guidance and support.

Yours in health and fitness.


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Hungry Hangry Lion

How to Lose Fat And Think About Hunger

Photo of lionese by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash I don’t talk about this without having utilised the following principle occasionally myself, and hearing clients talk